AKRON |ˈækrən

noun | A city in Northeastern Ohio, south of Cleveland and north of Canton; pop 207,500. Noted as a center for the rubber industry, known for its grit, and birthplace of the ipsonian way of business.

Just a Boutique Digital Agency Born in Akron

We view the realm of business more like an act of gardening than an act of war. As such we regularly use verbs such as cultivating rather than competing, tending rather than acquiring, growing rather than winning. Practically this means we have created and we are continuing to create a culture where we foster and encourage the sharing of information that many companies would protect. We demonstrate to our clients how to do many of the things we do.

We train our partners in our approach and processes. It’s an extension of our view of being transparent and upholding people's freedom. Ironically, we are extraordinarily competitive. We just don't view people as the object of our competitive nature. Instead, we view the tilling of the earth and the scaling of mountains as our external competition. Then people, all people, are co-laborers in the toil of surviving and flourishing against that external, non-human, competition.