musings |ˈmyo͞oziNG|

noun | reflections or thoughts about things that matter.

  1. Design -
    Three vital considerations for your web presence (Part 1)

    Does what I am viewing look outdated? Does it look cheap? Does it look like someone has spent time and energy on maintaining its appearance?

  2. Identity -
    Do us a Favor: Lean into the Fear

    I just completed* Seth Godin’s altMBA four week program. The thing is, I never thought I would get accepted. The voices in my head - that incessant lizard brain - could come up with plenty of reasons why. Even once I did get accepted, there were plenty of reasons they told me as to why I wasn’t qualified. Yet here I am.

  3. Culture -
    How to make innovation work (and not let work kill innovation)

    Much like personal relationships that degrade over time due to emotional malnourishment, the innovative culture of an environment can degrade with three very subtle oversights that effectively starve those who might possibly innovate.

Marketing -
Three reasons to be skeptical of social media

A good friend of mine, who leads operations at a video production company, recently asked me how much time and overall involvement they should invest in their brand’s social media presence. It’s certainly a relevant question given the ubiquity of social media in our lives. But it raises some interesting subsequent questions regarding the real value of social media in the B2B realm.