musings |ˈmyo͞oziNG|

noun | reflections or thoughts about things that matter.

  1. Musings -
    The Purpose of Business (p.s. It's not what you think)

    It all starts and ends at the most human level.

  2. Musings -
    Togetherness Brings Continuity, Continuity Brings 'More'

    Inspiring space, above all, is to foster community and togetherness. And the result of togetherness is continuity and a more effective team.

  3. Movements -
    As the pendulum swings away from big brands and globalization, demand for localization increases

    It's no longer unique to buy big-brand or globalized products. Instead, they want locally grown, artisan-produced, small-bath and transparently sourced.

Culture -
Culture-Making is a Form of Gardening

Whether you've done it before or not, we all know gardening requires getting your hands dirty. There is no way around it, and any moderately serious gardener would tell you they’d have it no other way.


Musings -
Follow Your Suffering

We often hear the phrase, “Follow your dreams."  Media, movies, and well-intended parents promote this idea incessantly. Reach for the stars, you can do anything you put your mind to, do what makes you happy, follow your dreams. However you want to phrase it, it's everywhere.

Identity -
The Difference Between Managing & Leading

If we go in wearing the leadership hat when we really needed to be wearing the managing hat we can end up walking away frustrated, disappointed, or angry (at them or ourselves as leaders).

The difference is often subtle but is muy importante.