Purpose |ˈpərpəs|

noun  |  the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists



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At its best, business exists for the common good.

At its core, the ipso brand is human, intentional, unconventional, adaptable, whimsical, and just a tad ironic. Sometimes meant to provoke, but always meant to inspire. 

  1. Creativity

    We love to create, in all definitions of the word.

  2. Sensibility

    We create and cherish things that are useful.

  3. Curiosity

    We have a sense of wonder and a desire to learn.

  4. Humility

    We have the perspective of putting others' interests in front of our own.

  5. Discipline

    We maintain diligence within our organization and in the service of others.

  6. Authenticity

    We are genuine and purposive in everything we do.

  7. Mission

    We have a strong sense of vocation.

Our Philosophy

Business Philosophy

We believe that business is the cultivation of flourishing, not an act of squeezing profit.

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Work Philosophy

We believe the presence of joy keeps work from being a toil. 

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Community Philosophy

We believe communities flourish when businesses believe in helping them flourish.

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