IQ Biosciences


Founded in 2013 and located in the Bay area, iQ Biosciences is an established and trusted partner in their industry and wanted to take the next step forward in their marketing efforts and tell their brand story in a compelling, memorable way. 

  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animation


As a trusted and reliable partner, iQ Biosciences stood out as an industry-leader for being relationally engaging and committed to their clients. Regularly going above and beyond, they wanted to tell their story via a brand video. One challenge would be to communicate the essence of their brand in a short, concise timeframe to help increase lead acquisitions. An additional challenge was to communicate the technical nature of their work with also being relatable and personable. 


After a few discovery calls with iQ Biosciences, we quickly decided that this project was perfect for a highly technical 3D animated motion design. Utilizing Cinema 4D's wide range of tools and features to achieve stunning, realistic results, we developed out a compelling script and visual story which emphasized iQ Biosciences' key brand pillars: Intelligence, Quality, and Empathy. 



In the end, the final product resulted in a compelling 3D design and visual aesthetic, establishing iQ Biosciences’ credibility and consistency in the industry. By combining design with technology with the human touch, every little detail of the video was important to deliver a satisfying product to iQ Biosciences. This is the kind of care and detail they take with their own clients, which only makes sense that we delivered the same amount of effort for them.