Welcome | whether you are a current client, potential client, avid follower, curious acquaintance, or random visitor who just happened to stumble on our website, we want you to remember this one simple idea – if nothing else:

The purpose of business is to help humans flourish.

Our Purpose

We are a boutique digital agency whose work focuses on web design, programming, live video production, motion graphics animation, and content creation. Those things are simply what we do in order to tangibly serve others. Underneath all of that work is a foundational belief that business exists for the common good, the flourishing of individuals and communities.

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Our Worth

We make telling your brand story on the web a process you will want to repeat

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Our Work

Even though our work exists primarily in the virtual realm, we leave our fingerprints on almost everything we do.

Custom Web Design // Custom Development

Live Video Production // Motion Graphics Videos

Content Creation and Strategy // Project Management

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ipso was started by a handful of folks who had previously worked for a variety of agencies, companies, and organizations, but longed for something more significant than the typical daily grind. Plus we wanted to more fully use our time, talent, and resources to be a blessing to others who could benefit from a group of craftsmen who visually tell brand stories via the web.

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Business Exists for the Common Good

Our Mission

We seek to be on the forefront of challenging, prevailing notions about the purpose of business in general, while specifically establishing credibility in the world of web design, development, content creation, and video production. We don’t just want to accomplish this for ourselves. We want to be a catalyst for raising standards in our industry and expectations in our broader culture.

Our Contribution

Here at ipsoCreative, we are always listening, continually learning, and constantly improving. And we are open-handed in sharing the knowledge that we have gained in order to help shorten the learning curve for you so that you can make informed decisions about the things that matter to you.