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Whether you are a current client, potential client, avid follower, curious acquaintance, or random visitor who just happened to stumble on our website, we're glad that you are here. And we want you to know that we are here to help.

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Helping You is Our Work.

We've partnered with brands and businesses of all shapes, sizes, and industries to help them tell their story on the web.  

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We make telling your brand story on the web a process you will want to repeat.

Our Purpose

We are a boutique digital agency whose work focuses on web design, programming, live video production, motion graphics animation, and content creation. Those things are simply what we do in order to tangibly serve others. Underneath all of that work is a foundational belief that business exists for the common good, the flourishing of individuals and communities.

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Akron, OH
Contact Robyn

Robyn Bardall

Discovery Guide | Sales Manager

[email protected]

In the first 5 minutes of talking with Robyn, you’ll most likely realize three things:

1. She’s the most warm and welcoming human you’ll ever meet 
2. She’s a careful listener who cares about others 
3. She’s got a great sense of humor, but starts laughing before the words come out.

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Pasadena, CA
Contact Jon

Jon Taylor

Discovery Guide | Partner & Pasadena Managing Director

[email protected]

In talking with Jon for the first time, you’ll likely discover the following:

1. He’s a coach at heart and loves discovering how he can help others 
2. He’s drawn to how things work and figuring out how to make things work
3. He doesn’t believe something is lost unless you are looking for it.

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Greenville, SC
Contact Brent

Brent Warwick

Discovery Guide | Partner & Leading Director

[email protected]

At first you’ll wonder exactly how old he is, but then you’ll likely discover:

1. He’s intentional and has more travel and life stories than seems possible
2. He’s interested in how business can contribute to the common good
3. He’s actually 43 yrs old despite his appearance.

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