GREENVILLE |grēn-vəl|

noun | A city in in Northwestern South Carolina, among the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains; pop. 60,000. Noted for its scenic beauty, economic revitalization, and southern hospitality

A boutique web agency back home in the South

ipso's office in South Carolina is located in the shared office space of Textile Hall in the Village of West Greenville. A significant reason for that has to do with our belief that the purpose of business is to help humans flourish. And the good folks at Mill Village Communities exist to help under-resourced folks in this community flourish. By supporting Textile Hall we are supporting Mill Village Communities who is supporting and providing opportunities to those who could use a little hand up in our community.


Having one of its partners from the upstate of South Carolina, ipso's culture is rooted in hospitality, gratitude, and a deep appreciation of food, conversation, and enjoyment of the outdoors.