human |ˈ(h)yoomən|

noun | a peculiar being created with a capacity to craft beauty and culture.

Be A Blessing To Others

ipso was started by a handful of folks who had previously worked for a variety of agencies, companies, and organizations, but longed for something more significant than the typical daily grind. Plus we wanted to more fully use our time, talent, and resources to be a blessing to others who could benefit from a group of craftsmen who visually tell brand stories via the web. The world probably didn’t need another web design company. But from what we’ve heard, it could use one whose programming, project management, and client services are every bit as good as the design.

Be Authentic

We also recognize that in the digital realm, there are a multitude of companies that have nice shiny facades that obscure the truth that they merely serve as a conduit for the outsourcing of your project. Realizing that sad reality and the subsequent perception of our industry as a result, we are seeking to raise the standard for transparency. Furthermore, as you consider the possibility of working with us, we want you to have the opportunity to see the faces and read about the team members with whom you would be collaborating.

Flourishing Depends on Knowing Who You Are


We believe that it is important to the flourishing of the individuals that make up ipso as well as ipso as a whole, for us to know our natural hard-wiring and how that affects our work, our interactions with each other, and our interactions with our clients.

We’ve found great value in utilizing Myers-Briggs personality assessments to determine our innate personality and corresponding profile descriptions. It’s interesting to us how accurate they are in describing what we inherently know to be true of ourselves over time. For some of us, it puts words to our inclinations and given us greater understanding in how to bring out the best in others.

"We’re also fans of Gallup’s Strengthsfinder as a bookend in tandem with the Myers-Briggs Assessment. With Strengthsfinder’s emphasis on an individual’s top 5 strengths, we try to maximize the opportunities for our team’s use of their natural areas of strength rather than any of us being demoralized by operating in areas of weakness. 

In our profiles, you will see both the Myers-Briggs and StrengthsFinder Top 5 listed for each individual. Therein lies the beauty and truth within the old adage that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.