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    As The Field Marshall, Brent is frank and decisive, and assumes leadership readily. He enjoys long-term planning and goal setting, and can quickly identify opportunities to improve the status-quo. He's well read, and enjoys sharing ideas and knowledge with others. Both a thinker and catalyst, Brent excels in both crafting and implementing solutions for the betterment of his neighbor, whomever that may be.

    Born in South Carolina, raised in New Jersey, a student at Clemson University, and resident of Kobe, Japan and Akron, Ohio, Brent is a nomad at heart. But despite his incessant curiosity and passion for exploration, Brent will forever identify as a displaced Southerner and advocate the use of the word "y'all." His loyalty to the South has landed him back in his homeland of Clemson, where he is currently raising his three kids, and enjoying showing them the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

    Brent serves as the Leading Director at ipsoCreative, which simply means he's at the forefront of understanding how ipso can best serve its clients and, in his words, "be raving fans of things that matter." He's also the storyteller and rallier of the ipsoCreative tribe.

  • Expertise

    • Experienced in digital services, solutions, and strategies for web and video 
    • Experienced in customized solutions and scalable web resources for growth-oriented companies of all sizes
    • Deep experience in project management and operations
    • Brand messaging, Brand Platform Development, and Design Strategy—including eCommerce
    • ipsoCreative's resident ambassador to the crafting and card-making industry

    Having previously served in project management/operations at a medical company, eCommerce agency, and video production house, Brent's worked with clients as varied as Lubrizol, Timken, Trinity Health, Tenet Health, Aramark, Carter Lumber, etc. and more recently with ipsoCreative clients such as: Sherwin Williams, Barrette Outdoor, Hero Arts, Whirlpool LED, and The Riverside Company. 

    As ipsoCreative's Leading Director, Brent essentially serves as ipso's brand ambassador, owner of the discovery process with new clients, account director of particular accounts, and overall strategist of brand messaging.

  • Q&A with Brent

    What's the best part of your story so far?

    The best part has been being immersed in all of the joy and struggle of being a foreigner amidst Japanese daily life, alongside my wife, Suzy. We learned lessons during that time of adventure that we are still unpacking.

    What organization or company inspires you and why?

    Spirit Mountain Coffee is pretty amazing! I don't know that I've ever seen such multi-layered intentionality all in one place: rainforest certified organically grown coffee beans where folks are employed with fair wages and the profits go into Doulos Discovery School. All the while, the mountain is an ecoPreserve and students use the mountain as an outdoor lab, ecoTourists camp and ride mountain bike on the trails. I pretty much want to live on that mountain.

    What is something no one would ever believe to be true about you?

    When I was 20 yrs old I became a certified firefighter (certifications have since expired).

    What are you passionate about related to the work you do in serving others?

    I love helping people tell their stories. For me, ipsoCreative creates the front porch for folks' businesses and organizations on the web. When we create a beautiful and effective front porch, visitors want to walk in and take a look inside. Then they will learn the story of that particular brand. Storytelling brings me joy.

    What are you doing when you feel most like you?

    Serving as a catalyst.

    In an alternative life, what would you want to give a try?

    I'd roam the earth with just a backpack. And a mandolin.

    What does flourishing mean to you?

    Flourishing is the individual or collective thriving of a human. It’s when a person is experiencing the joy of using his or her gifts and abilities for the common good, for serving others. But it can simply be experiencing joy, for those who have already been through many challenges and difficulties. It can be a personal joy, or a joy that overflows outward.

    There’s also the purpose piece: The purpose of a flower is to bloom, for example, and it blooms best when it has the right soil, rain, sun, etc. -- It blooms when it is doing what it was meant to do, just as we flourish when we are doing what we are meant to do. It is when we are “doing” that our flourishing is most evident.

    What aspect of ipso's culture resonates with you most?

    The fact that what we do collectively has purpose and value - that it matters.