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    As The Protector, Elizabeth has a heart of gold that’s constantly overflowing with generosity and compassion. A calm and reserved introvert, Elizabeth desires to connect with others in a deep and meaningful way. Though receptive to change, Elizabeth is analytical, rational, and takes her responsibilities and relationships seriously. Above all else, Elizabeth is enthusiastic about serving others in whatever way she can, and will do so with grace, composure and a genuine smile

    Elizabeth is strongly rooted in the Akron area. But while she feels at home in Northeast Ohio and loves being surrounded by her children, friends and extended family, Elizabeth’s passion for people and culture has taken her all over the world: In the midst of studying finance and international business at the University of Akron, Elizabeth spent a semester studying abroad in the Netherlands, and traveled to a different country every weekend. “I love that in Europe, you can drive two hours and learn about a completely different culture. It gave my life a whole different perspective.” Elizabeth has found a way to bring her love for international travel home with her: She and her family have been hosting international soccer coaches for the past seven years. “It’s a great way for me to combine my passion for hospitality and culture.”

    As much as Elizabeth enjoys human relationships, she’s also fascinated by the relationship between numbers. Unlike most people, Elizabeth actually appreciates excel spreadsheets, budgets, and just generally being able to help keep people’s lives flowing and organized. “I do love the challenge. But for me, it’s all about being a good steward of what you have.” In her free time, Elizabeth loves stamping, creating and sending homemade cards, journaling, playing games, and cooking for friends and family, and just being an all-around loving and generous human in any way she can. She and Larry, dream of continuing their travel adventures by uprooting to a new place for three months every year.

    Elizabeth is a financial manager at ipso.



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  • Q&A with Elizabeth

    What's the best part of your story so far?

    That I am right where I want to be and have an amazing life with family and friends that I love and that I am still learning and growing in who I am even now.

    What organization or company inspires you and why?

    Amazima Ministries because they feed, educate, and encourage the orphaned, poor and vulnerable in the country of Uganda.

    What is something no one would ever believe to be true about you?

    I'm an introvert.

    What are you passionate about related to the work you do in serving others?

    That those I (and my family) serve through hosting feel welcomed, cared for, and loved. We host (mostly 1-2 weeks at a time, but sometimes longer-term like 6 months) soccer coaches in our home from the Ambassadors Football organization.

    What are you doing when you feel most like you?

    I feel most like myself internally when I am either journaling, reading, or in a deep conversation. Externally, I am taking care of the needs of others or helping someone. Those are the moments I feel most alive and fulfilled.

    In an alternative life, what would you want to give a try?

    I would like to be a foster parent to older kids and maybe adopt some as well.  So many older kids have a hard time being adopted and once they turn 18, they are out of the foster care system and are on their own.  Everyone needs a family.

    What aspect of ipso's culture resonates with you most?

    Wanting to see humans flourish. 

    What does flourishing mean to you?

    Flourishing to me means that I am growing and being stretched where I am, but at the same time, I am content in my life.