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    Within minutes of meeting Jacob, you’ll quickly discover his energetic drive, ambition as well as his overarching optimism and hope for the future. Then you will discover his fearlessness and spontaneity as you get to know him a bit more. He’s definitely on the risk-taking, adventure seeking side of The Giver personality type. But there’s still the generous concern for others, compassion for those in need, and desire to share in the success of others that’s a hallmark of ENFJs. One prime example of who Jacob is comes from his childhood. His best friend, Jen, lived next door. On the swing set, they would brainstorm ideas to make money in order to help people in need. Often that meant starting with a crazy idea like incredibly elaborate lemonade stands. Interestingly, Jacob, as a child, would have a comprehensive checklist in order to maximize the potential success of the lemonade stand (clearly, Jacob was a project manager long before he officially held such a title and it’s easy to see where his love of spreadsheets, graphs and charts has its origin). Another example of his concern for others comes from 4th grade when he broke his ankle and Jen broke her arm. They then used their temporary infirmities along with some remarkable recorder playing skills to fundraise outside a grocery store. In one day, they garnered $1,400 for Hurricane Katrina donations.

    Born and raised in Strongsville, OH along with an older sister (Rachel) and younger sister (Grace), they were a competitive swimming family. Their mom was a hard working parent who diligently supported her children. Jacob has a profound admiration for his mother and the sacrificial love she has for her children. At the age of 14, Jacob got his first job at Chick-fil-A because he simply wanted a cell phone and his mom wouldn’t pay for it (solid parenting move, by the way). He credits his tenure at Chick-fil-A for accelerating his work ethic and providing him with opportunities to venture out West, particularly living in Las Vegas for a year.

    When he’s not knee-deep in spreadsheets or deftly managing projects at ipso, he’s working on a home remodeling project or looking for a new one. Or he’s traveling, exploring new places and new foods, or visiting the close friends he’s made over the years who are spread all over the country.

  • Q&A with Jacob

    What's the best part of your story so far?

    I think it’s been the crazy journey. I thought I might stay in one place. I would have never guessed that I would live in NYC and Florida for 6 weeks or Vegas for a year. All the crazy adventures that I would have never imagined.

    What organization or company inspires you and why?

    Any company that is courageous. The Trevor Project. That encourage people to tell their own story. Not to go with the flow. Go against the grain.

    What aspect of ipso’s culture resonates with you the most?

    The value of people. That’s the part of Chick-fil-A that I liked the most was the ability to develop, influence and help people to be a part of their journey to get them to where they want to be.

    What does flourishing mean to you?

    Growing without limits. Spontaneous. Be who you are. Become the best you and break barriers.

    What aspect of your Myers-Briggs personality type resonates with you the most?

    ENFJ-I’m outgoing and always making others happy. Being the constant in other people’s lives.

    What are you doing when you feel most like you?

    Being around really great people and going on some crazy spontaneous adventure.

    What aspect of work feels the least like work?

    Building relationships with people. It’s something that comes naturally for me. It just doesn’t feel like work.

    What is your best, or most memorable, work experience?

    The relationships that I’ve made while traveling the country with Chick-fil-A for store openings. They are some of my best friends in the world.

    If you could have one mediocre super power (it can not help save the world but it is unnatural)?

    Being caffeinated 24/7 without having to drink or spend money on coffee or anything else.

    In an alternative life, what would you want to give a try?

    I would love to be a flight attendant. There are so many cool places that you could go and work for your job.