Chapter 5: The Voiceover

A voiceover is the narration which is heard reading the script, but the person speaking is not seen in the video. Typically, a voiceover is handled by a professional voiceover artist who is commissioned to work on the project. However, a voiceover could also be a person from the company, like a CEO or employee who has speaking experience or who has a recognizable voice.

How To Choose a Voiceover:

Know Your Audience

What gender appeals to your audience, male or female? What voice would your audience react to, who do they trust?

Define the Right Tone

What emotion do you want to convey? (E.g. authenticity, casual, etc.) How should your brand be represented? (E.g. approachable, professional, etc.)

Consider Credibility

What will sound believable to your audience? What tone is already established in your industry or market?

Choose a distinct, but not distracting, voice that people remember. Choose genuine over grandiose.