The Motion Graphics Video Process

If you’ve never had experience investing in a motion graphics video for your brand, business, product, or service, it’s hard to imagine what exactly goes into making one. Just like anything that is worth doing, there is an established and proven process involved with making a video. We’d like to share that process with you.

The most successful projects are the result of three things: (1) clearly specifying project objectives; (2) setting accurate and attainable expectations from everyone involved; and (3) following a proven process that is collaborative in nature.


  • Discovery -- working together to understand the needs, goals, messaging, and expectations of the video project.
  • Statement of Work -- clearly defining, outlining, and agreeing upon project objectives, deliverables, timelines, and costs.
  • Script Discovery & Distillation -- organizing and distilling all previously gathered information -- or perform additional discovery sessions, if needed -- and outline a concise narrative for the video.
  • Script Creation -- carefully taking the narrative and crafting it into the form of an approved script to be used for the voiceover in the video.
  • Choosing A Voiceover -- determining the perfect tone, pace, and profile for a voice and auditioning for professional voiceover talent.
  • Determining the Style -- thoughtfully defining the overall visual aesthetic by creating Style Frames that correlate to the core message, primary audience, and key brand goals.
  • Motion Samples -- when necessary to identify key motion and visuals, provide motion samples (:10 to :20 sec) as a foretaste to the final product.
  • First (and Second) Release -- delivering the first draft of the fully animated video including voiceover recording, music, and sound effects for collaborative review and revision(s).
  • Music Feedback -- welcome feedback of our recommended stock (or custom) music score that accompanies and supports the narrative and brand essence, as presented in the first release.
  • Final Release -- fully completed and converted video files are delivered in required formats to the client for end use.

For a more comprehensive look at each of these steps, contact our team for a motion graphics process document. 

At the end of this process, it is our goal to present to you an engaging video that appeals to your audience and ensures that your brand story is not only remembered, but your brand story is considered in a way that prompts viewers to act.