A Guide to Website Image Basics

File Types 

  • JPEGs and PNGs are most common on the web.
    • JPEGs and PNGs can both be used, but JPEGs are the most common and highly recommended for most situations
    • PNGs have a transparent background
    • JPEGs have a solid background
    • Only use a PNG when you do not want a solid background on your image
    • Use JPEGs all the other times 
  • File type can also depend on the purpose of the image
  • Usually banner images and content images are JEPGs 
  • Icons depend on the use case but are most commonly can be either PNG or JPEGs.  






File Size and Resolution

  • Having a large scale, high resolution image is helpful to start with, never upload a high resolution image
  • Always scale down your image if its larger than the content area 
  • Don't try to make a small image larger than what it already is 
  • Make sure your image is under 100 KB (kilobytes) 
  • Size down your image to be 72 PPI (pixels per inch)