Community Philosophy

We believe communities flourish when businesses work with intentionality in helping communities flourish.

We are a collection of humans who live in and contribute to our neighboring communities, and ultimately, our shared world.

In many ways, we as a culture have collectively lost the idea that the success of business is tied to the success of a community. In the name of maximizing shareholder value, we outsource operations overseas, we relocate manufacturing to where labor is cheaper, we design products for planned obsolescence, we disdain our environment as we bow to the throne of convenience, and we make 5 year plans rather than 5 generations plans. We believe that ipsoCreative's good as a business cannot be separated from the common good of our community.



We've learned quite a bit being a small business helping other businesses. We are fortunate to work with folks in industries as varied as: retail, information technology, medical, manufacturing, media production, non-profit, finance, etc. We continue to observe and borrow best practices from all of these realms. We get to see what works and what doesn't. How to go to market and how not to. How to tell your brand story. How to keep relevant and how to ensure sustainability. And while we still have tons to learn, we find great enjoyment in sharing what we've learned so far with others who want to shorten their own learning curve. In this way, we strive to be a resource to our community, especially locally, but not limited to just our back yard. We believe in community. We desire to see communities flourish and part of our contribution to that flourishing is to share what we've learned so far.


For us, our space is vital to who we are, what we do, and the culture that we are creating. However, we don't view it as ours. We are merely stewards of it. And as stewards, it is our responsibility to look after it as folks in our community utilize it as a resource. Other businesses who don't have a physical location have used it as a meeting place. Groups have used it for planning sessions. Individuals in our community have used it as a refuge to come and work when they need to get away from distraction. This idea of stewardship is often difficult in our day and age. Our culture of consumption and territorialism lends itself more towards a possessive mentality. We feel that tug on a regular basis and we have to constantly keep this idea, that we are merely stewards passing through, on the forefront of our minds. We have to remind ourselves continually. But it's worth the effort. Community thrives in beautiful spaces.


One of the things that gets overlooked is the fact that small to medium size businesses significantly contribute to the overall GDP of our nation especially through creating jobs in communities. What most often makes the news are large corporations adding or subtracting jobs. What seldom makes the news is the impact that SMBs have on their community. They are vital! And we are thankful that we are a part of the lifeblood of our community through providing folks with opportunities to make a living and provide for their families. And while we greatly value the intangibles of making a living such as providing flex time, working remotely, making our office truly family friendly, it is still foundationally important to create jobs that pay people. Economies flourish when communities flourish. And communities flourish when people flourish. And we are dedicated to helping people flourish.