Work Philosophy 

We believe that the presence of joy keeps work from being toil.

We are a digital agency who believes our work can bring order, beauty, and abundance where there is chaos, ugliness, and scarcity.

While it is natural and easiest to simply say that we are a boutique digital agency, what we DO is much more than that. We view work as an opportunity to share, an opportunity to serve, and an opportunity to bring delight. We eschew the mindset of merely clocking in and out, eagerly anticipating the weekend, and generally wishing you were anywhere but at work. Instead, we choose to embrace the toil of work, realizing that it is not necessarily a bad thing.

We live in a culture that generally prizes the path of least resistance and glorifies "following your passion." Many times your passion doesn't meet the needs of the world and even when it does, it requires toil, effort, patience, endurance, and long-suffering. The daily grind of work lacks glory. It lacks praise. It lacks immediate reward. But, what it does is develop character. And perhaps the idea of work as a vehicle for meeting the needs of others, loving your neighbor, and investing in character is something that needs far more attention when talking about work.



On a broad level, our work consists of translating the complexities of the web world into language that is easily understandable. While the majority of this translation involves current or prospective clients, we also welcome opportunities to use our knowledge and expertise to help others outside of our client list. Business contacts, former colleagues, friends, and even family, will ask for our explanation or advice on how to install their blog or make changes in WordPress or solve a hosting problem with their email. We enjoy being able to help others with what we know. We've heard, all too often, folks in our industry make it sound like there is some sort of secret art to what we do and mere web-muggles simply wouldn't understand. We delight in being able to demystify the web design industry and encourage folks to learn and do for themselves. More often than not, that simply means translating


When folks consider ipsoCreative, they most often associate us with providing a service in the realm of custom web design & open source web development. That's true. However, left there, it limits the service we provide to The What and doesn't take into account The How and more importantly The Why. How we provide those services is really our distinctive in the marketplace. We place a heavy emphasis on how we listen and discover. How we plan and organize. How we communicate and deliver. And the engine that drives these HOWs is The Why. Why we serve the way that we do is multi-layered and would take some time to explain, but the short of it is that we strive for excellence and significance in our work. We cherish things that matter, especially humans! And one of the greatest sources of fulfillment in this world is using your work to serve humans.


This very simple word, "joy" carries with it such profound meaning. Rarely do you hear it used in association with "work." We tend to only associate joy with celebration or perhaps reunion. We forget (or ignore) the connotation that joy often follows hardship, difficulty, or scarcity. In this way, joy is differentiated from happiness. Joy comes from a deeper place. A place where pleasure and delight were absent and had to be patiently waited for, hoped for, sought after. Joy, properly appreciated, is the cherished result of the intersection of work and love. We couldn’t love what we do anymore than we already do and for us, the opportunity to serve people and fulfill their needs brings us joy! And that's really what propels us.