musings |ˈmyo͞oziNG|

noun | reflections or thoughts about things that matter.

Culture -
16 Elements and Aspects of Amazing Cultures

And no, I'm not (just) talking about ping pong tables and beer kegs on Fridays...

Sometimes when these things are absent we notice right away. Yet, other times (read: more often) the absence or atrophy of these things is a slow decay and erosion of a positive and edifying organizational culture.

Here is a shortlist of things an organization can work on to cultivate a positive team culture full of life and growth...

Culture -
Create Room For Good Things To Run Wild

Paradoxically, a culture of discipline and organization—with limits and constraints—creates the space for your team to produce its most creative, matterful work. Your ability to organize effectively gives room for good things to run wild.

Movements -
Localization and What Consumers Really Want

This is the new brand loyalty: “If you give me authentically-sourced, locally-grown, artisan produced information, I will listen to you when you suggest I explore or follow or recommend, other sources of content.” In the last decade we’ve seen the first ground swell of localization as younger Gen X-ers and especially Millennials have reacted to the homogenization of globalization. It’s no longer unique to buy big brand. Consumers want: locally grown, artisan produced, small batch, and authentically sourced. They want “real” in a real sense, not a marketed sense.

Movements -
Moving from Yes to No

Giving of your time and talents has gotten you to where you are now. But it's now time to find a way to say NO to a thousand things so you can be fully creative and do your best work—give your best gifts—on one or two things.

Identity -
Three Most Powerful Words

Different combinations of these power phrases layered with copious amounts of listening can create an extremely effective salve that can remedy even the worst wrongs...

Culture -
Are you a thermostat or a thermometer

The Thermostat chooses to set the tone — elevating the conversation, the climate, the culture, and (even) the competition. And in doing so sets a new standard, a new tone.

The Thermometer simply conforms to, reflects and follows the culture it is in.

Which will you be?