musings |ˈmyo͞oziNG|

noun | reflections or thoughts about things that matter.

Culture -
Both / And

Trust in your creativity and resourcefulness in finding the “both/and” over the "either/or."

Movements -
Tattoo Artist Mentality

Her craft seems to be at odds with how we generally perceive our work. Deeply personal yet oddly distant. Moments after the work is completed, it walks out the door. This forces a rather odd paradox she must live in. One maybe we can learn from. Her craft lives in this creative tension between caring deeply yet holding loosely.

Design -
Delight is in the detail

If one of the primary focuses and competitive advantages (and simply right way to do things) is delighting those you serve - then we must be focused on design. Because delight is in the details.

Brands -
The Cost of Scale

"A well built brand is the culmination of intangibles that do not directly flow to the revenue or profitability of a company, but contribute to its texture. Forsaking them can take a subtle, collective toll...Companies pay a price when their leaders ignore things that may be fracturing their foundation." - Howard Schultz; ceo, Starbucks

Identity -
Elements of Scale

A small sticky note sits on the left side of my computer desktop that says: "Logo & Laptop." The note is a reminder of a guy I met once in the mountains of the Dominican Republic named Mario who built an impressive marketing and creative agency by self-designing a logo, commandeering his brother’s laptop, and going ‘door to door’ looking for work from corporations around the West Indies.