Design -
Design is For You

The purpose of Design — wherever it’s found — is to create a solution that matches the problems, priorities, and worldview of an intended audience. Which means Design can be found wherever: in the way we order at our favorite local spot, how the meal is delivered to us, our morning routine, and even our relationships.

Design -
Delight is in the detail

If one of the primary focuses and competitive advantages (and simply right way to do things) is delighting those you serve - then we must be focused on design. Because delight is in the details.

Design -
Design Matters

Folks on the non-profit front lines were caring, compassion, skilled, determined, resourceful, and wise, but most of them lacked an appreciation for how much design matters. They generally believed that their mission was so important (and it is), that folks would notice and help. And to some degree that was true, but never true enough to really extend the reach of that non-profit's realm of influence.