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Fighting to be Present

In a world full of distractions, glowing lights, and constant contact, how do we savor the moments with those we love or work with, to hopefully add value instead of transactional relationships. 

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Do us a Favor: Lean into the Fear

I just completed* Seth Godin’s altMBA four week program. The thing is, I never thought I would get accepted. The voices in my head - that incessant lizard brain - could come up with plenty of reasons why. Even once I did get accepted, there were plenty of reasons they told me as to why I wasn’t qualified. Yet here I am.

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The Difference Between Managing & Leading

If we go in wearing the leadership hat when we really needed to be wearing the managing hat we can end up walking away frustrated, disappointed, or angry (at them or ourselves as leaders).

The difference is often subtle but is muy importante.

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Three Most Powerful Words

Different combinations of these power phrases layered with copious amounts of listening can create an extremely effective salve that can remedy even the worst wrongs...