Identity -
Elements of Scale

A small sticky note sits on the left side of my computer desktop that says: "Logo & Laptop." The note is a reminder of a guy I met once in the mountains of the Dominican Republic named Mario who built an impressive marketing and creative agency by self-designing a logo, commandeering his brother’s laptop, and going ‘door to door’ looking for work from corporations around the West Indies.

Identity -

One of the nasty side effects of our media-saturated, social media cultural narcissism is that we live in sound bites, quick results, and a constant yearning...for anything really. The idea of diligence is not sexy. It won't get you instantly noticed. But the idea of taking delight in having or showing care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties is time proven path toward the enhancement of one's character. And over time, that will always a greater harvest in terms of joy.

Identity -

So many people advise others to pursue their passion, but that often leaves those who have not yet identified their passion in quandary marked by wandering. In their attempts to discover what they are passionate about, most folks try so hard to determine their passion that their efforts blur any clarity that might exist if they just pursued joy in their current circumstances while simultaneously being open to interruption.