Movements -
Localization and What Consumers Really Want

This is the new brand loyalty: “If you give me authentically-sourced, locally-grown, artisan produced information, I will listen to you when you suggest I explore or follow or recommend, other sources of content.” In the last decade we’ve seen the first ground swell of localization as younger Gen X-ers and especially Millennials have reacted to the homogenization of globalization. It’s no longer unique to buy big brand. Consumers want: locally grown, artisan produced, small batch, and authentically sourced. They want “real” in a real sense, not a marketed sense.

Movements -
Moving from Yes to No

Giving of your time and talents has gotten you to where you are now. But it's now time to find a way to say NO to a thousand things so you can be fully creative and do your best work—give your best gifts—on one or two things.

Movements -
Tattoo Artist Mentality

Her craft seems to be at odds with how we generally perceive our work. Deeply personal yet oddly distant. Moments after the work is completed, it walks out the door. This forces a rather odd paradox she must live in. One maybe we can learn from. Her craft lives in this creative tension between caring deeply yet holding loosely.