PASADENA |pasəˈdēnə|

noun | A city in Southern California, in the San Gabriel Mountains, known for its annual hosting of the Rose Bowl football game and cultural vibrance, located Northeast of Los Angeles; pop. 143,000.

Our little home in LA

ipso and Pasadena reflect each other: While LA is typically regarded as a massive sprawling metropolis, Pasadena has a boutique, personal vibe, corresponding directly with the culture and identity at ipso, Our Pasadena workspace itself is collaborative; the building is shared with other like-minded, creative companies, enabling relevant and inspiring conversation. At ipso, we seek to raise the water level in our industry. The spirit and diligence of the other creatives inside our Pasadena location are, through community with one another, doing just that. 

We believe in raising the water level of the creative industry, and have found a community in Pasadena pursuing the same goal.