Video Project

Barrette Outdoor Living

Instructional Motion Graphics


This Wood Fence video required a completely different visual aesthetic than the instructional motion graphics videos we'd made for Barrette Outdoor Living in the past. Unlike these previous videos, this particular line of wood fencing was actually part of the Barrette brand instead of the Freedom brand. In addition to a new visual aesthetic, we were challenged with strategizing how to include Barrette's wide range of wood fence styles and finishes within the :90 second timeframe. 


While keeping the overall structure of communicating the instructions of the fence install narrative, we worked hard to identify and visually communicate the Barrette brand in a way that differentiated it from the blue and white Freedom brand. We created new style frames, motion samples, and presented a compelling new look for the video. By utilizing several environmental images and including rotating images of styles and finishes, we were able to accomplish showing a wide range of the end use products. 


Barrette continues to be a fabulous client to work with, having completed over a dozen instructional videos for their product lines. Their products are in yards all over the nation, probably right in your own neighborhood. Visit their website to see all their products and find out how you can transform your yard into your own private oasis.