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To continue to build out their video assets beyond features/benefits-focused explainer videos, our objective with this live production video project was to capture the energy of the brand and show the lifestyle of a consumer using the product in its environment. To produce a lifestyle commercial for a travel accessories company we needed to travel somewhere – so we got on a plane to Costa Rica!

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Cabeau's neck pillows are widely distributed (just check the neck pillow section of many airport terminal stores next time you're traveling). However, travel pillows are a commoditized and relatively unbranded product category. We were challenged to create a video piece that would be watchable and relatable to their target market, reinforcing that Cabeau is the brand travelers can trust to make sure they arrive rested and more comfortable than they would have been otherwise.


Being the experts of travel comfort, we knew the only way to capture Cabeau's brand on video would be to plan an epic adventure, featuring the pillow throughout every leg of the journey. Cabeau's neck pillow is a premium product, so we wanted the video to contain some hero shots, but we primarily created a shot list that would see the brand apart in a crowded, brand-agnostic category. The narrative of the commercial follows a lifestyle blogger on the vacation she'd been saving up for all year. With an itinerary including a tour of her house in the jungle, chilling on a remote surfer’s paradise beach, zip-lining through the cloud forest, and enjoying dinner and drinks with a new friend, there was certainly not a lack of b-roll footage. 


The main reason consumers purchase an item like a neck pillow is to be rested and prepared for their destination – wherever that may be. As true expert's in travel comfort, we're confident this video commercial captures just how comfortable travel can be when accompanied by a Cabeau product. With adventure travel photographer Zack Johnson in the director's chair, we feel pretty lucky to have been along for this epic adventure, but feel even more thankful for the opportunity to truly capture the heart of Cabeau's brand. We loved working with John and his team from Cabeau on yet another project, and are proud of the brand his team has built.