Video Project

CardPak Brand Video

Brand Motion Graphics Live Production

CardPak is a globally recognized leader in the consumer packaging industry who has overcome great odds as a company for more than 50 plus years. (Note: After producing this video for CardPak, the company was acquired by The Rohrer Corporation and no longer operates under the name CardPak.) 


CardPak was a company who had experienced their fair share of adversity in the past. Having enduring a fire, a flood, and a recession, the company continued to bounce back stronger than ever and deliver on the demand for high-quality packaging solutions. Our challenge was to convey this grit and durability in a brand video, and it was a challenge we took head on.  


We carefully crafted a script that included the metaphor of a high-class athlete. That was how CardPak saw themselves, as an athlete who trained hard, overcame struggle, and excelled at what they do best. Our choice of graphics, music, voiceover, and scripting combined to communicate this brand persona. 


We've had the pleasure of working with CardPak on two separate video projects and the successful outcome each time is attributed to our collaboration and attention to detail. This project ended up being one of Ryan Tate's (our Content Director) favorite projects to work on, and CardPak was more than thrilled with the end result.