Web Project

Christ Community Chapel



We knew content management would be a challenge not only during development, but for the future of the site, post-launch. CCC would eventually have many content editors responsible for distinct parts of the site, which inevitably creates the risk of inconsistent styling. Our task was therefore to create a back-end that would empower CCC's Ministry Teams to make content changes easily, efficiently, and consistently. Our secondary challenge was to improve content organization for the sake of CCC's various audiences, creating an intuitive, informative user experience for prospective, new, and existing attendees. 


Strategizing how to structure the site proved vital in solving for both challenges. We determined that the best approach both for content managers and users was to create a "parent" site, with simple and clear navigation to the three campus sites, or "child" sites. By defining universal design standards we were able to create consistency for the user experience on the front-end, and for content editors on the back-end. Moreover, the bulk of content on this site is managed through the use of custom-built shortcodes, which tremendously simplify the editing of content.


Finishing a custom web design project on schedule is always a win. But a greater indicator of a project's success is in the feedback we receive from our clients, and CCC's enthusiasm post-launch was incredibly gratifying. They were excited to announce the launch of the new site to their audiences, and have already benefited from the increased organization the new site structure provides. Having trained many members of their marketing team on the WordPress CMS back-end, they have plenty of admins who feel equipped to embrace the task of content management moving forward, and the increased ability to track and optimize the increased flexibility this new site offers in the future.