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Christian Healthcare Ministries


Founded in 1981, Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM) is the original healthcare sharing ministry for Christians. CHM is a nonprofit, voluntary cost-sharing ministry through which participating members meet each other’s medical bills. Serving nearly hundreds of thousands of members across the United States and around the world who share each other’s burdens in the area of healthcare costs. We collaborated with CHM to help present their online presence, designed with existing members, prospective employees and potential members in mind.

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CHM, is a non-profit business that has thrived due to their ability to reach people in medical financial needs CHM is rapidly growing and needed a strong online presence to represent their brand and their services designed with existing members, prospective employees and potential members in mind.

A few of our biggest challenges were to:

  • Build on a CMS  that is naturally intuitive, empowering CHM to change and update content easily.
  • Improve user navigation
  • Create the website to be a resource for potential and existing members. Including FAQs and how-tos and other resources that had a personal touch but are accessible anytime.
  • Attract new members with a refreshed look
  • Create a portal that can hold training videos for existing members and potential members


CHM and ipso collaborated to create a custom designed and developed informational website. CHM chose Umbraco as the CMS because of the intuitive editor and adaptable nature. During our web build process, we put a strong emphasis towards architecture and the user experience to build a strong backbone. The website might be a potential member’s first impression, the homepage and menu structure needed to tell CHM’s story and services fluidly.  We also created custom elements (images, testimonials, etc.) to help streamlined content to communicate their story, as well as easing editing for the future.


The marketing and communications team at CHM are a pleasure to work with. They are responsive in communication and very proactive at every phase of the process. Like any relationship, communication is key and helped us provide a site to fit their exact needs. They now have a user friendly content management system in Umbraco that gives them the ability to update information easily.

"Our team really enjoyed working with Ipso. They were great about walking us through each step of the web design process. They paid attention to the many details and patiently answered our many questions. Now, we have a top-notch website that is beautiful, functional, and easy to navigate. Thank you, Ipso Creative!" Lauren Gajdek Communications Director