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Informational Academic

When CVCA came to us, they were already operating on a responsive WordPress theme. However, the constraints, security risks, and limitations of the theme had become an impediment to their ability to push the brand of the school forward digitally. They were looking for a website solution that could be a digital extension of the exciting stories and growth happening inside of the school.

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Like with most challenges, CVCA knew theirs was multi-faceted. They had an urgent need for ability to edit and manage the content in their website, but there was also a larger-scale need for an online presence that matched the evolution and growth of the school’s identity. Their current website had fallen behind in this regard. The challenge ahead of us was to create a website that matched the ever-evolving purpose and spirit of the organization, while simultaneously providing them with intuitive ways for them to manage this new, robust tool. The website was going to have to be both flexible, AND manageable.


One of the crucial aspects of our ability to solve CVCA’s challenges was their willingness to trust us with all aspects of their identity. This allowed us to partner with them in first creating a holistic strategy for the school that we then applied consistently to the structure, design, and functionality of the website. Schools have many different key constituent groups that are all looking for a little bit different pieces of information. Together with CVCA we were able to build a streamlined process for allowing users to efficiently interact with the information they cared about, regardless of who they were.


Truthfully, CVCA was actually looking for a partner. Their need for a website merely provided the context for us to begin a relationship. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results! The new site is a visual representation of many exciting changes around the school, and has become a conversation piece coming into the new school year. More excitedly, the CVCA team now has a tool that matches their strategy AND allows them to easily manage their digital presence as it evolves moving forward. Most of all, the school now has a digital partner that is ready to grow with it. We’re honored and excited for the opportunity.