Web Project

Engineered Software, Inc.

Informational Corporate

Engineered Software, Inc. (ESI) was looking for both an administrative and front-end overhaul. They needed a solution that could become the bedrock of their marketing efforts.


ESI was operating on a very old version of Umbraco. Their existing management system was difficult for them to navigate, resulting in their online marketing team having great difficulty finding and editing content throughout the site. If they could find something, they often didn't have much control over the front-end presentation. They were looking for more freedom and customization within their website structure, however, they didn't want their freedom to have a negative impact on the quality of the overall product. They needed a carefully designed framework to operate in that could remain flexible in multiple layouts and still perform aesthetically. 


We started the custom web development process by doing a full analysis of ESI's front-end website experience, information architecture, design approach, and code base. We developed our findings into a three month plan for providing solutions to the inefficiencies we discovered. This included: (1) Updating the Umbraco CMS to the current version; (2) Architecting an entirely new navigation, layout templates, and user experiences that made sense given ESI's goals and objectives; (3) Updating the design and web style guidelines to propel the ESI brand forward while staying consistent with its identity and current branding; and (4) Creating smart web design solutions inside the Umbraco CMS admin that were consistent, intuitive, and flexible to the content ESI aimed to include in the growth of its site.


The result was a comprehensive website update and refresh that gave back control of the entire website experience to the hands of ESI's online marketing team. With a tight timeline, the updates were ready to launch on time. Niki and Melissa at ESI were able to gain experience working inside the Umbraco CMS admin well before the site actually went live so that they could hit the ground running with content updates and enhancements after launch.