Web Project

Enza Financial

Informational Corporate


With over three decades of experience in wealth management, the leadership team for this new company off-shoot had little to no experience with branding, web design projects, and logo development. Our greatest challenge was to create a brand that was fresh, engaging, and on-trend, but one that could also convey their collective expertise and integrity. Their team had previous experience with WordPress, was eager to start, and had several ideas on where to take the new brand. The first hurdle was choosing a new name: Enza Financial.


Our team got to work consulting and developing a logo mark and design guidelines for their new company name. This included deep collaboration with their internal team with several rounds of revisions until we came to the final logo. With that complete, our web development process kicked off by identifying several content needs, unique layout structures, and established ways to communicate their vast array of industry knowledge in a way that was engaging for their online audience and customers. By designing a site for flexibility and ease of content management, with news items, resources, client engagement, and well-placed imagery, Enza was able to meet their goals.


As a result of our highly collaborative efforts, we were able to establish a fresh brand look for the new Enza Financial. Their new WordPress website was customized and designed for them to manage content easily and effectively as they continue to grow and scale their business within the wealth management industry. At ipsoCreative, we love to work with teams who have comprehensive needs for brand development, messaging, and their online presence. In addition to that, their team was an absolute pleasure for us to work with on several fronts.