Web Project


Informational Product Catalog

For over four decades, InterDesign has established itself as a global leader in organizational products for the home. With facilities in the US, Asia, and Europe, their products are proudly sold in over 100 countries across the globe. 


InterDesign functions like a large family. They care deeply about what they do and how they do it. Our challenge was to communicate this culture through creative online storytelling and use of imagery, and to create an emotional connection between InterDesign's products and the consumer. We needed to engage, inform, and inspire consumers through cohesion of design elements, content areas, and product details information.

Possibly the greatest challenge in this project was defining the information architecture surrounding InterDesign's products, collections, and innovations. Each had their own unique layout needs with unique goals while simultaneously working together within a product database infrastructure. This complexity required us to think strategically within the architecture phase.


Our solution for InterDesign was three-fold:

1. Prioritize content creation: As we defined content areas within layouts and design templates, we identified key content areas where new content was needed, including  copy and images that support the personality of the products themselves.

2. Let the products be the heroes: The InterDesign brand is clean, simple, and very much focused on its products. We determined that a minimal design would best support a streamlined product browsing experience.  

3. Focus on infrastructure: The initial goal for InterDesign's site was to launch as a B2B catalog site, with the the ability to scale to B2C. We built a database that could eventually display relationships and variables for product types, innovations, finishes and styles, collections, and much more.


In an effort to fully understand how their products were organized internally, our relationship with InterDesign was very hands-on and conversational. These conversations helped us solve the information architecture complexities surrounding their product relationships, and set InterDesign up for future success as they grow into Phase Two of the site.

The success of this project is due largely to the ipso team's ability to collaborate and strategize with InterDesign's fabulous marketing team. We forged into new territory with this 43 year old company, and to do so required careful attention to creating trust in the relationship. We asked a lot of questions, guided, consulted, listened, and empowered InterDesign to see their brand come to life on a platform where it had never existed before.

"It’s been a journey from start to finish, seeing our brand strategy turn into wireframes, then morph into design, and then see products turn into beautifully designed pages that give our consumers (finally!) a reason to stay." Ann Faber Marketing Communications Manager