Development Project


Wordpress Plug-in

Since ipso's existence, our programmers have been streamlining their custom web development process. With ipsoCore, we are able to efficiently meet the unique needs of each client, without starting from scratch. 


Even the most challenging or unusual projects tend to require similar components; ipsoCore helps take advantage of these similarities by making commonly used, “core” features (i.e. custom post types & field types) more easily available .

Customizable field types available with ipsoCore include:
  • Textboxes, Check box radio buttons and dropdown menus
  • Media gallery: Images, videos, PDFs  
  • Settings
  • Visual editor
  • Color picker
  • Widgets


ipsoCore enables ipso’s development team to quickly get the ball rolling for each of our clients. Having a bank of readily accessible ipsoCore capabilities to choose from, we are able to customize the site according to each client’s distinct information architecture. And with a customized WordPress back-end, the client can more easily manage his or her content.