Development Project



ipsoForms is vital for those needing to not only gather a lot of information from customers, but to execute on the information gathered. ipsoForms eases both the consumer experience of online inquiries and form submissions and the businesses' ability to keep these forms organized and managed.


ipsoForms enables WordPress admins to create and customize giant consumer-facing forms with lots of fields. A user can save his or her progress all the way up to submission, and the form-completion process can be divided into multiple pages so as to avoid being too daunting. Once it’s submitted, all data is captured and stored in WordPress, and a PDF of the submitted data can be generated.


One major advantage of ipsoForms is the ability for admins to attach an internal workflow to various employees, and to trigger emails to assigning action-items associated with each form submission. In the case of Uniflex, a roofing company, we created a customized questionnaire that flags different Uniflex employees on certain responses, depending on assignments to follow-up with the user throughout the roofing process.