Video Project

Jennifer McGuire Ink

Brand Live Production Interview

Jennifer McGuire is the creative force behind Jennifer McGuire Ink located in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a "stamping enthusiast and crafting instructor who has been sharing her love of crafting and handmade acts of kindness since 2002.” She has an incredibly loyal following on her blog and YouTube channel.

We love working with Jennifer. Creating her brand video was an extremely rewarding experience for the ipso team.


It’s rare to have such a comprehensive opportunity: logo and branding, custom website design and development, live production, and motion graphics animation videos. And it’s even rarer to work with someone so ridiculously talented, accomplished, personable, and kind.

Going into the video project, we quickly became aware of Jennifer's reluctance to having herself be the focus of a video, which was not so much a challenge as it was an opportunity to learn how to highlight her dedicated passion for sharing kindness though beautiful cards.


We crafted a narrative based on her brand platform and value proposition which allowed her to speak freely and openly about her work. With this direction, and the natural colors of light and creative angles in her home studio, we were able to create a moving piece that encompasses 100% of Jennifer's humility, passion, and joy for crafting handmade kindness for others. This video captures the essence of her passion as it builds with the music towards the conclusion of the brand video.


We were surprisingly and delightfully drawn into the vortex of “sharing handmade kindness” and couldn’t be any more thankful than what we are for that. Jennifer is a force for good and we deeply appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with someone who is significantly impacting the lives of others in such a inspiring, encouraging, and life-giving way. We are deeply honored to have been chosen by her.