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Kalman & Pabst Photo Group


KP Photo, located in downtown Cleveland with an established 30-plus years of experience, provides world-class photography and graphic services in a studio atmosphere that is inviting and warm. The goal was to create an impressive website that also felt enjoyable + friendly.

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Unlike most of the informational or "brochure" sites we've created in the past, KP's content was photo-heavy, with little content. We needed to create a site for KP that more accurately reflected their (amazing) imagery. In thinking through how to make this happen, we were met with a series of challenges: 1) Determining how to best display photography in its purest form across devices of all shapes + sizes; 2) Ensuring KP's marketing team would have greater options for content customization; 3) Transferring a blog whose content we couldn't access directly; and 4) Ensuring the aesthetic of the site matched KP's beautiful photos.


Form and function needed to flow together more seamlessly than usual, given the image-driven nature of this site. KP's stunning photography speaks for itself, so we were cautious not to "over-design" any aspect of the site. We focused on creating a simple, clean design, with a straight-forward user-experience. A highly flexible and scalable grid structure was repeated throughout the site, allowing for an interesting, yet consistent, way to juxtapose images with copy. Umbraco was the obvious choice for the CMS, as it handles imagery well, offers a streamlined import of external blog databases, and would allow the KP team to expand and change the site as the company evolves over time. Of course, frequent face-to-face interactions with KP's team, and plenty of trust on both sides was crucial at every phase.


The final product is a sleek website that highlights the true brilliance of KP's work and capabilities. Having worked closely with KP's marketing team every step of the way, the success we're all feeling now reflects nothing less than a true team effort. KP is now able to efficiently customize every aspect of their site, allowing the world to be kept up-to-speed on KP's newest photos and innovations in photo technology. Check out their stunning CGI work when you get a chance!