Web Project


Product Catalog


mDesign had a ton of existing product data from their experience of selling products on Amazon. Our challenge was to build a system that accepted the data from Amazon in a way that we wanted, while simultaneously allowing mDesign to control the marketing copy and product attribute data for the site independent of Amazon. Not to mention, there were creative challenges of presenting mDesign's brand presence online that reflected the full brand evolution, as a separate brand from their main company of InterDesign.


For the challenge of integrating data from Amazon, our development team built an import system that could utilize a "messy" export of data and translate it into a "clean" import into WordPress. This system could handle daily updates for the data coming from Amazon, as well as provide the flexibility of editing the marketing copy within the CMS. We custom built a product import tool inside of WordPress to make this happen. Our design team tackled the creative challenges by giving mDesign a fresh new online brand presence that would engage with their customers. 


By creatively and technically overcoming our challenges, we were able to provide mDesign with a flexible product catalog website that allows the mDesign team to own, control, and manage the information they care about most, while also allowing them to efficiently automate the product data that is already optimized in Amazon. We loved working with the mDesign team on this project because of the trusting relationship we've been able to establish with them.