Video Project


Brand Motion Graphics

The concept for this video, we called "MOVE," focuses on a single character, taking him on a journey through landscapes, life experiences, the inner workings of the heart, and the depths of the soul.


During this process, Mosaic was dreaming of ways to communicate their messaging in a simple, impactful, and shareable way. They wanted this sermon series to be outreach-oriented, and inspiring to both Christians and non-Christians alike.


We brainstormed with the leaders at Mosaic, seeking to create something that connected with viewers on every level. and eventually proposed a video concept that was simple, yet coincided with the church's core values and personality. The music and sound effects appeal to one's inner emotions from the beginning, and the script takes the viewer deeper and deeper into the MOVE idea.


The popularity and positive reactions to the video leave us confident we provided Mosaic what they were looking for: depth, emotion, meaning, and story. Using an engaging balance of pause and motion, monochrome and color; deliberation and action, the MOVE video is one of our favorite projects from 2014.