Video Project

MW Imaging Video

Brand Motion Graphics

Beyond just answering the question of who MWI is, we sought to simultaneously answer the question of why folks should work with them. The thing that became crystal clear was that the experience of working with MW Imaging was rooted in a long-standing reputation for customer service at all levels, combined with authentic technical expertise, and a sense of humor.

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While preparing for a trade show, MWI wanted to try something different. Most of their competitors weren't using video in combination with their booths, which MWI identified as a fresh and innovative way to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. However, they didn’t want a single-use asset; they had an eye toward using the new video on their website once the trade show concluded.


We knew the main purpose of the motion graphics video was to highlight MW Imaging’s brand promise (AKA value proposition). We held several discovery sessions to understand their story, and crafted a script that enumerated the value of working with MW Imaging as an ultrasound solution provider. With all of this in mind, we crafted down-to-earth illustrated animations with a lot of spit and polish. Our hope was to juxtapose their casual, approachable manner with their expert, detail-oriented nature.


The folks at MW Imaging are thrilled with the video and have used it in multiple settings since its original use in their trade show booth. They expressed that the script and video truly reflected their brand story and overall brand voice. For our part, we love working with them. They took a risk by affording us great flexibility in crafting a unique video for them.