Web Project

MW Imaging

Product Catalog


They needed a new, clearly identifiable logo -- meaning a logo that was simple and bold, while maintaining their previous identity. Additionally, MW Imaging needed a new product catalog website that would showcase the OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) they service as well as the parts and services that they provide.


Among a sea of sameness, we custom-designed a vibrantly accented layout for MWI's new web presence, consisting of loads of whitespace so as to keep the site clean and crisp. The overall effect was a cutting-edge responsive website that stands out from the traditional muted blue tones and dated designs of other websites in their market.


We have become major fans of the behind-the-scenes folks at MWI, and now understand why this company has such a loyal following. Even though won't ever have a need to buy the equipment they provide, we are deeply inspired by their superbly high level of customer service. If you are in need of medical diagnostic imaging parts and service, or if you just want to hear for yourself what makes MW Imaging special, give them a call and ask for Amber.