Video Project

My Favorite Things

Brand Motion Graphics YouTube Trailer

My Favorite Things is a family owned business that offers products that are fresh, fun, and completely distinctive in the stamping and crafting industry.


The challenge for this video with My Favorite Things (MFT) was developing a way to communicate their value proposition in a casual way while affirming the overall brand message and tone. MFT is a family-oriented business and treats their customers like family. This reality had to be communicated through the video. They had never created a brand video like this, so it took some time for us to get to the heart of what they were trying to communicate.


We developed visuals that were cohesive with MFT's brand aesthetic, while crafting an engaging script and choosing lively music to keep a light-hearted, fresh, fun and completely distinctive tone that matched MFT's personality and family-oriented values.  


We spent a lot of time collaborating with MFT to craft the tone, messaging, and visuals in a way that uncovered the heart of the company. In the end, the video perfectly portrays MFT's brand and invites viewers to come "be part of the family."