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What do you do when you need to consolidate 25 different WordPress installations into one eCommerce experience? The short answer is you set up a multi-site WordPress Content Management System and create a detailed data migration plan. It’s certainly easier said that done.

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The long-term result has been a significant efficiency upgrade in terms of managing the website’s users, as well as setting up new classes.


Online Card Classes already had a good website (in addition to being a gifted designer, Kristina is skilled with all things WordPress). However, the functionality was a bit dated; out of necessity, a new installation of WordPress had to be launched for each new class. While this was certainly the most efficient short-term solution, it presented a significant long-term challenge, as the volume of individual databases grew with each new class. Managing several dozen databases and respective individual users became more time consuming, especially considering user issues (passwords, access, etc) were spread across various databases. Plus, while Kristina is a great designer, she’s also a business owner, blogger, and instructor. Both she and Jennifer only have so many hours in a week to devote to management of their websites, and needed the extra hands to complete their new eCommerce website in a timely fashion.


During a detailed discovery phase, we collaboratively determined with Kristina and Jennifer that a WordPress, multi-site installation would be the best solution for their functional business requirements as well for their technological requirements. This meant creating one master parent database with associated “child” databases. Users and their accounts would all be located in the parent database while each class would have its own instance of a child database. This would allow for classes to be set up individually and managed as needed. Users' access and purchase history could all be centralized in the parent site admin, making things easier on both the customers and Kristina and Jennifer, the site's administrators. That said, it wasn't just the technical requirements we had to pay attention to. We also worked with the OCC team to craft an entirely new look and feel for the website, whose effectiveness would coincide with aesthetic beauty.


The website has been warmly received by both old and new class attendees alike. What's more, Jennifer and Kristina are thrilled with the consolidation into one database. While the migration transition from 25 databases to one parent database ceratinly worked as intended, the process of orphaned data clean-up is never smooth; it did take some additional time to make sure duplicate or fragmented user data was fixed. This added challenge only added to our appreciation of the project; we were deeply grateful for the opportunity to work on such a technically complex, custom website design and development project with two wonderfully talented, kind, and collaborative humans. We are honored and deeply thankful for yet another opportunity to serve Jennifer and Kristina.