Video Project


Brand Motion Graphics YouTube Trailer

Pinkfresh Studios had a desire to create a new YouTube channel trailer video to promote their brand and increase their online presence. 


This wasn't the first we had done a video for a papercrafting company, but what made this project challenging is what makes every project challenging. Our job is to find that special thing—that unique brand quality—that makes a company stand out from their competition and create a memorable and engaging message from it. For Pinkfresh Studios, what made them who they are is their style. They are fun, trendy, and colorful. So, we set out to make a video that highlighted their brand essence in a fun and trendy way. 


Our goal was to use color and modern visuals to capture their style for their younger audience. We crafted a script that took their messaging in a concise and memorable way, and combined it with product shots, animation, video clips, and screen shots to communicate their brand story. 


As a result, we were able to create a cohesive brand video for Pinkfresh Studio that would be the introduction to who they are on their YouTube channel. This has helped them increase their subscriptions on YouTube by providing them with an ending to the video that invites viewers to subscribe. In the end, they were a pleasure for our video team to work with!