There were more than a few challenges ahead of us with this project. First, there were multiple target audiences, each with their own set of goals and objectives to measure the effectiveness of the website. Second, we had to evaluate and assess the current site to determine the best approach for reorganizing, restructuring, and migrating their content in an updated Umbraco CMS platform. Lastly, there were several architecture hurdles to overcome in creating unique sections, including: an interactive equipment spotlight feature, an emphasis on training needs and classes, an online quiz, and multiple service areas. 


We spent considerable amounts of time and effort in evaluating the extensive content of the SDMyers site in order to reorganize, simplify, and improve the user experience. Working with Umbraco allows us to stay flexible with the CMS and develop easy-to-use admin features in the dashboard to give the client a better experience. We supplied them with over a dozen custom macros in Umbraco to create a host of page types and content formatting as things evolve and change for their company. Our internal team collaborated well on creating these unique design assets and our project managers worked hard to guide the client in CMS training to give them ownership over their site post-launch.


In the end, the SDMyers website stands apart from others in their industry as they continue to set the bar high for their competitors. Each of their unique target audiences now have an improved experience on both desktop and on mobile as their technicians, sales reps, and contractors work in the field. At ipsoCreative, we are grateful for a client who understands that a website is never done and plans to invest in content management and continued support and enhancements to support their business moving forward.