Video Project

Waffle Flower

Brand YouTube Trailer Motion Graphics

Waffle Flower is well-known in the stamping industry and places high value on education over entertainment. Naturally, they wanted to increase subscriptions to their YouTube channel, which serves as a warehouse of educational card-making tutorials.


Waffle Flower is an established brand in the card-making and stamping industry, trusted by a loyal customer base to deliver products. For companies like Waffle Flower, YouTube is its most visited online presence (outside of their own website). In order to promote and increase subscription to the channel, we were tasked with creating a short, concise YouTube channel trailer video to communicate the essence of the Waffle Flower brand, as well as the educational focus of the videos they share. 


One of the best ways to accomplish the goal of increased YouTube subscriptions is to uplift the brand story, plain and simple. It's what engages customers and communicates a memorable message. Our creative team wove the Waffle Flower brand story with compelling visuals and motion graphics to achieve a cohesive tone and vibe for the voice of Waffle Flower. Combining the motion graphics design with an engaging and relatable voiceover, as well as select screen captures of products and videos, rounded out a wonderful motion graphics video production. 


As a result of listening to and collaborating with Waffle Flower through a few rounds of revisions, we were able to complete the motion graphics video project smoothly. Nina, the founder of Waffle Flower, was a pleasure for us to work with through the process of script writing, motion design, and voiceover selection. With a new channel trailer video anchored on Waffle Flower's YouTube page, they've experienced a steady stream of new subscribers. We couldn't be happier to see their continued success in the crafting industry!