Video Style Frames

What are Video Style Frames?

Style frames are a set of visuals that demonstrate the look and feel of a video. Essentially, they are a set of graphic still images presented along with the script that represent the illustration, animation, and aesthetic of the finished video. They are similar to storyboards, but show only the key sequences of the visuals instead of the every framed sequence.

Style Frames

How do Style Frames Set the Direction of a Video?

You need a video that communicates your message clearly and effectively, but you also need a video that matches your brand’s look and feel. This is what style frames demonstrate. They establish the look and feel—the aesthetic direction—of the video. If the script writing process is about solidifying the overall message of the video, style frames are about visualizing the overall aesthetic of the video.


What is the Style Frame Process?

After the script is solidified, we get to work on establishing the visuals, and style frames are the part of the process where your video begins to come to life. The style frames are sent to you as a long scroll .pdf file with several sequence images presented with a portion of the script. These images display the key frames that will eventually be animated to create the motion of the video. After a brief review and revision process, the style frames are approved. This kicks off the animation phase of a motion graphics video project.

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