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Professional services companies such as accounting, staffing, and managed IT services have industry specific terminology. We often help these sorts of companies capture and distill their institutional knowledge into digestible content areas. Also, we help them humanize how they present themselves on the web through professional photography of their staff, their space, and their interaction with others. Our goal is make the valuable services you offer accessible to your desired audience.

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Websites for Professional Services

With an ever-increasing amount of available options to those searching the web to meet their professional service needs, it can be difficult to stand out on the one hand, yet quite easy to stand out on the other. It’s difficult in that there are loads of similar looking informational websites and copycat service offerings. It’s easy in that there’s plenty of room to stand out by presenting yourself differently, by clearly expressing how you’ve helped your clients, and by dedicating valuable website real estate to the one asset no one else can copy, your people.


Videos for Professional Services

Especially in this realm of business, web based video content is an effective way to humanize your organization and tell the story of how your services are beneficial to others. Brand videos or Interview videos in particular can introduce your consulting, accounting, HR, or IT services (just to name a few) to new prospective clients, as well as remind your existing clients why you to matter to them. Indirectly, these videos serve as proof that there are real live humans being at your company - humans who are relatable and who care.


Why Does Experience with Professional Services Websites Matter?

In many ways, the barriers to entry in the Professional Services realm are not very high. There aren’t costs of goods or inventory requirements. And in general, there aren’t high operational costs. Other businesses (often including start-ups) can offer the services that you are offering simply through their expertise and a few pieces of technology. All of this means that it is vital that you differentiate your business in ways not easily replicated by your competitors. Experience and intentionality matter.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Presenting Yourself as a Professional Services Company on the Web

Most professional services websites have a tendency to heavily rely on stock photography. Often it’s stock photography of sweeping vistas, nautical themed images, or generic looking office settings. Plus, if you look hard enough, you’ll notice one of three images of a woman with a headset serving as a representative of the company’s customer service. They don’t show the actual humans behind the professional services. So, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Avoid that generic and overused stock photography. Allocate part of your website budget to professional photography of your people and your actual office. Real is better than generic.
  • Make it human. Show real human beings. Share the stories of real human beings behind the real services that you offer.
  • Make it easy for users to contact the right person to learn more.

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