Academic Websites

What are Academic Websites?

Academic websites are built for educational institutions or related academic organizations to provide information about the education, learning opportunities, and courses they offer. It also can have features like admissions, eLearning, and faculty pages to engage with online visitors and potential students.

  • University or College websites
  • eLearning or Online Courses websites
  • Library websites
  • Educational content websites

What Does an Academic Website Involve?

Academic websites are rich with content areas to help inform visitors about what educational services they provide. These content areas can vary based on the subject matter, but typically include:

  • Application or Admissions areas
  • Course pages and Academic program areas
  • School calendar or events
  • Faculty or staff directories
  • Giving or online donations
  • eLearning course offerings
  • Student portals

What Makes a Good Academic Website?

The key to a great academic website is to engage with visitors and guide them down pathways of connection. For academic sites, the audience has many levels. There are current students, prospective students, parents, alumni, faculty, and the general public. Each of these audiences are attempting to gain information to help them make a decision. By presenting clear pathways based on the audience segment, you are providing them with a simple user journey. At ipsoCreative, we like to keep these things in mind when developing a custom academic website:

  • Gain deeper understanding of primary target audience(s) and their needs based on current analytics.
  • Focus on enhancing the user experience (UX) by completing a thorough content assessment to determine areas for improvement and areas of new content
  • Consider the full scope of technical requirements for backend management, database functionality, and form requirements.
  • Determine needs for imagery, photography, or video to include in a comprehensive content plan for the website

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"The ipso team quickly understood our needs and offered exceptional suggestions. The result was a stunning, user-friendly website we are incredibly proud to call our own!" Dina Younis GAR Foundation | Communications Manager

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