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An online product catalog is a supplement, or in some cases, a replacement for the traditional printed catalog where buyers can view a company’s entire product line.

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Why Do I Need a Custom Product Catalog Site?

Product catalog websites do not have online shopping functionality, yet they can provide extreme value to a customer base who is interested in browsing products online. Typically, product catalog sites are great for equipment manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, large suppliers, or high-end products. If you are business who provides products or services, you can display these items in a catalog format with features, specs, images, and more, but keep eCommerce functionality hidden. This allows your customers to explore what you have to offer and engage with you through a contact form, request for quote, or sample request.


Product Catalog Sites are Rich with Content Features

When we develop custom product catalog sites, our focus is on the content—the images, the copy, and the product information. Everything in the architecture and design of the site is crafted with the content as king. Therefore, we like to keep these content-rich features in mind when developing a product catalog site:

  • User-friendly navigation to help visitors find what they are looking for
  • Strategic CTA’s throughout the site for promoting products
  • Well-organized product categories and filters
  • Clearly laid out product pages with well-written descriptions
  • High-quality product imagery
  • Consumer reviews or testimonials
  • Supplemental content like blogs, related products, and social media integrations

Don’t Forget About Mobile

We live in a mobile-first world. That means we have to be thinking about the mobile experience from the beginning. Analyzing current website analytics will tell you exactly how much of a mobile audience you have and which pages they interact with most, but it's safe to say that mobile traffic will only continue to increase. Our goal at ipsoCreative is to design a custom websites that are fully responsive design. No matter what size device your users are on, the site will look great and work great.

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