Today, Adrenaline is considered the premier lacrosse brand west of the Mississippi. Their services are two-fold; they organize lacrosse training events and tournaments, as well as provide top performance apparel. From our kick-off conversations with Adrenaline, we realized the dimensional impact this project could have. Through some incredible cooperation, we were able to craft a custom solution to unify and move Adrenaline forward, but not without the incredible thought, energy, and preparation by their hard-working team.

  • Logo Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Custom Web Design


Our primary objective was to create a streamlined website for Adrenaline, featuring a leading-edge eCommerce and registration platform. Being such a wide-ranging company, Adrenaline needed a way to unite the promotion of and information about the apparel store, clubs and events into one unified site. We wanted to build a website that allowed them to effectively manage everything Adrenaline does in one package. Consequently, the design needed to effectively leverage each aspect of Adrenaline's business to grow the others. From a design perspective, capturing Adrenaline's unique vibe, ethos and culture was a priority from the get-go.


At our first design meeting, the Adrenaline leadership team was confident our team had nailed their overall personality and vibe with the initial designs. From that point on, the aesthetic was no longer a question, and we were able focus on the site's overall functionality. Our development team built a code base, content management system, and backend that empowered the Adrenaline staff to be able to manage, display, add, and change content on their new site. We created a custom registration form for participants of Adrenaline's various events, and a simplified system for organizing these forms by Adrenaline's administrators.


We equipped Adrenaline with a fully functioning eCommerce store, integrated with QuickBooks (their inventory management system), and a custom import tool which allows them to import and create content. We also built a piece of software for event management, enabling the editing and adding of events, event details, contact information, and links to registration forms – all consolidated under one hood. The Adrenaline team was a lot of fun to collaborate with because they have a highly capable internal design team, which allowed us to build the site more creatively, knowing they would be ready to take over the management and updates to the site post-launch.