Sherwin-Williams Diversified Brands, Bestt Liebco & White Lightening


Bestt Liebco and White Lightening are professionally-oriented manufacturers of applicators for painting contractors, and is wholly owned by Sherwin-Williams.

  • Wordpress CMS
  • Responsive Design
  • Custom Web Design
  • Retail Locator


The folks at Sherwin Williams needed to update Bestt Liebco and White Lightening's web presence, but more importantly, their usability from an administrative perspective. They specifically requested Wordpress as the content management system, knowing it would offer the flexible customization they needed. They also wanted a high-end, but restrained, custom website design that would properly represent Sherwin Williams, while not overshadowing the bright vibrant designs of their paint brands.


We worked with great intentionality in the design phase of this project to meet Sherwin's aesthetic expectations. Our project managers were diligent in creating an enjoyable content collection experience, given the high volume of products in the new product catalog. We also integrated the new system with their previous asset management software, Adobe Scene7, so past image assets could effectively be pulled into the new site. In doing so, this automated image asset pull (1x daily) de-necessitated man hours to constantly and consistently update the site with new images. 


It goes without saying how incredibly honored and thankful we were to have been chosen to work on this web design project. And the fact that the Bestt Liebco and White Lightening project teams are wonderful to work with made this project even sweeter! We couldn't be more satisfied with the entire experience, and are proud to say that this custom website design project ultimately led to further collaboration on 10+ more Sherwin Williams sites!